Fight for Homeless
According to the KPBS news, San Diego has the fourth highest homeless population in the US! There are more than 10,000 people living on the streets of San Diego.
Imagine yourself without food, water, a blanket and a roof on your head!
Why can’t we support them? They are humans and it’s time for us to become human first and treat everyone with equality.

Fight for Climate change
Believe me or not, we all have polluted this beautiful planet. It is not the same as it used to be!
Climate change is the result of a number of things: The industrial revolution, human activities, global warming. If we will not take care of our home then who will?
Let’s become aware of the issues and help to mitigate climate change through careful use of the resources.

Mankind is helpless when natural disasters occur.
Whether it is a Tsunami or wildfire, it becomes nearly impossible to fight!